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Words with friends chat flirt

Maybe it indicates a lack of creativity, or a less-than-prodigious vocabulary.

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Apr 24, I have a situation and I'm not sure if I am over reacting. My husband plays a game called words with friends.

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Ingrid Denk September 22nd, I have been bombarded by these guys! He should NOT be doing this, he knows it is wrong, that is why he tried to hide it, he enjoys it and wants to be a part of it or he would stop. I asked him if he should be preparing for Laura.

If it was just a message board then no but it's a online game plus there's no flirting.

The strange sexual politics of words with friends

ed May 30, I have been wondering if Words with Friends is some kind of secret dating app?? I started playing Scrabble Go in March and have been hit on by every guy who has started a game with me, except one! A lot. It's not innocent if words with friends chat flirt secretive.

Log in. A man requested a game with me and I excepted. I'm here to play scrabble. ed Sep 22, And even sent pictures but unless you words with friends chat flirt who the person is it could be anyone. I mean mostly men, who start out with "You are so beautiful. I was courteous at first, responding with short, polite answers, then it just seemed weird.

And sometimes I throw a dog a bone and respond to a message or two. You then need to tell him that you want him to stop playing this game, his behavior is unacceptable. But the longer you let these two bond over chat, the worse it's going to become. How do I check my word averages? Hadn't blocked yet and he apologized.

Words with Friends gets more attention. I would suggest doing the same. Popular Latest. I told him that I had informed him at the start than I only wanted to play Scrabble. He knows it's inappropriate because he's now closing down the browser window when you walk by. As a man this is why I don't start conversations with anyone on WWF.

I should have smelt a rat after they asked "where am I from" and "how long have I played for" both bits of information they can see from my profile. My profile resembles yours almost completely, down to finding x-mas well wishes and the occasional "nice play," appropriate dialogue. More interesting however is that their command of the English language doesn't match up to their photograph which doesn't belong to them. ed Jun 18, I usually don't talk with them and some time ago I changed my picture to my two cats so they don't even know what I look like now, but I would really like to know what they really want.

Words with friends is basically a dating app

You should be able to gauge from his reaction how he perceives it, and then take it from there. If you back him into a corner, he'll feel he has no choice but to brush you off. That being said, I would like opinions on if this is an acceptable and normal thing for a married man or if this is a problem. If you try this technique they will go away. I have very similar experiences with these creeps as you have referred to them. I used to be moderately attractive when I words with friends chat flirt young, and there was once an older gentleman in France who told me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

I would have followed it, but there are new progressions. Had ine guy ask me if I wanted to learn about Forex trading as he was a Trader. Hate it when they send me an invite to start a conversation. Sarah October 6th, Thank you! Position it as saving the team, the marriage. I can of course forgive this one time situation, but I just feel worried about the bigger picture now. I ignore the message. Cheri September 6th, It is a scam.

If one more dude hits on me on words with friends, i'm changing my pic to a scary clown

Because I can't figure it out. Oh wow. Maybe any battle of wits or capabilities, like Words With Friends, is inherently sexual. So glad its not just me!

The creeps of social media

Stop asking me where I live. As others have mentioned, they talk about being widowed, they talk about the children that they're raising, and the oil rig that they're working on. Words with friends chat flirt a Green Light If we share more than one mutual friend, and I like the mutual friend, then I'll accept it. He said "I am one", and then said he only wanted to be friendly and I didn't have to be brutal. Also thank you to everyone that has shared their stories.

I'm happily married and enjoying my life and I just want to play scrabble. Who are these strangers trying to friend me or start a conversation? Not once did I have a guy hit on me. She liked that some Men took an interest in her was flattered.

I love this game but it is being ruined by this behaviour. Everyone is not a close friend, but they are people that I know through other friends or hobbies. Thank you! He's been playing a lot of games with a certain lady.

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They use it as a free dating site. If he's a stand up guy he could easily get sucked into a chat like this because he had no intention of cheating and didn't understand it. I really think if you stop this now by talking about it and seeing what can happen you'll be ok Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. What I don't understand is how they just disappear and do not show up as their "turn" or something!!!!

After 30 years of her being a cold fish He'll probably agree to do it to appease you, but he might just get her contact information before they shut it down in the game.

How to spot words with friends fake profiles

Nothing you posted would be a problem, it seems like she's the flirtatious one. Thank you for writing this blog and also for everyone sharing their stories. The Atlantic Crossword. It's very far-fetched.

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Observe and actually catch him in the act. Crowdfire does certain things very well, but it does have some problems, too.

Ain't nobody got time for that crap. Why would I dating apps when I can just mind my own business on words with friends with the same ? Explore Our Forums. He needs to take ability for his actions, this is not about you. You could be looking at a scam operation where a team of individuals are working multiple s, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I haven't addressed him yet and he has no idea that I know anything.

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My husband plays a game called words with friends. They say they are divorced or widowed. Then where are you from?

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I also love playing WWF and get many requests from strangers. Rhonda August 29th, I went on Google tonight to find out if there is some new trend with WWF as a "dating site," because I've had so many recent new games initiated by guys also trying to start convos. When he asked again, because he wanted to get to know me better, after I said he was, 'really, really, really, very, very, very stupid' I gave up and blocked chat.

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I also watch my statistics carefully, and if you block someone in the middle of a game, it counts as your loss, which royally pisses me off, and I've let WWF know that. I mean, what could possibly come next? Love words! I wasn't looking for it, just swiped his screen to turn off the alarm and their chat was open on the screen.

Husband having conversations with lady on words with friends

That happens frequently. ed Apr 24, That's a huge red flag.

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It seemed innocent and harmless. About a week ago before I went to bed, I saw him chatting with someone on the game, but didn't say anything and didn't let him see that I noticed I was just walking by. I'm all ears. He knows he's crossing boundaries or he wouldn't hide it from you. With little exception, these gaming rooms are set up for "people to meet people!