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Whether you are a native English speaker or not, it can be difficult to know how to respond. In this context, the appropriate response is to return the greeting or to confirm that everything is okay. The proper response to this question largely depends on the one who is asking and the situation it was asked. The context of how it was asked has everything to do with the meaning of it. In other words, your response will depend on the circumstances by which the question was asked.

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How to respond to wassup? October 22, This is a snarky sup reply in chat to take a jab at the store and get a chuckle out of another customer who probably has similar thoughts. Knowing how to respond also depends on the person who said it and whether it is a friend, stranger, or coworker. This is a classic that everyone has heard time and time again, but it works if you can't think of anything else to say.

An enthusiast marketer. Indeed, another funny revert to someone who knows your situation very well. How much time do you have?

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It is good to use at work because it can help you start sup reply in chat conversation that will pass the time until it is the end of the workday. There is really no one answer that may apply to all these three scenarios. How to Respond to "Thinking of You"? The movie about an old guy who can make his house fly and kidnaps an Asian kid while flying his house. In the third scenario, the person could be a close friend with whom you have lost contact for some time, and you have just had a chance encounter.

You should have some funny replies for when you're asked, "What's up? This is a very typical response that most people expect. If you're not a fan of the person you're speaking to, tell them right away. Ugh, I have just developed a mental problem.

A tight response, so that they think before trying to make fun of you, again. This subscription won't wake you up in middle of the night, we are not your sweetheart! Not sup reply in chat time, you have to be that regular, funny, or even rude while replying to that.

They'll either be confused or thankful for the mini English lesson. There is no need to say a word because the question came from someone you do not know. Continue Reading. For sure your workmate will be happy to hear it. It is a good way to start a conversation with a stranger to pass the time.

Photo by Alex Block on unsplash. They ask you, just to confirm that you are feeling better or not. Not too great, but not too bad, either.

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However, I could add you to my to-do-list. Photo by Bich Tran under pexels.

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After all, hearing something new from you, they feel glad that they asked the right person. My adrenaline after seeing you, buddy.

9 funny replies for when youre asked whats up

Also read: Compliments for Employees and Teammates. So if someone asks you what is up, you can reply in the most literal way possible. My cholesterol.

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Here's another way to answer the question literally. Here are some responses that you can use for your officemates or co-workers. The right response to this question largely depends on the person asking and the situation it was asked. It is also good to use if you had a problem, and the friend is trying to get an update even though nothing has changed.

How do you usually reply sup reply in chat the question? The of obese people in the United States. Accidents have become common nowadays with the of vehicles on ro increasing. You can use this quip in two ways. You don't have enough time to waste on them, because you have better things on your to-do list. Look up in the sky like you're pondering their question, and then answer it with excitement. Eventually, it became a general greeting for people in the United States and the U. The opposite of down. This is meant to be a joke that you can only use on your closest friends.

What is the expected answer to “what’s up?”

You will be able to avoid the conversation without being rude to your co-worker. Again, it depends on the circumstances. The best thing that happened to me today is when you asked about sup reply in chat day. The context of how it was asked has everything to do with the meaning of it. Overall, your friendly behavior, support them to open up to this new environment. You can also use this reply even if you have no problem with your blood pressure. If you give a bland reply, then it might even end whatever conversation the other person was trying to start.

This may spark a conversation as well. This one is your reply, when you have some good news about your role, to share with coworkers.

25 of the best responses when someone says what’s up

With Examples. You will give the impression that you are not there to make conversation. This is why Are you confused? This can start a lively discussion between the two of you. The louder you are, the better. If you are raring to get off from work because the past week is terribly stressful, you can even use a depressed tone in your voice. The prices of bitcoins are going up day-by-day. Also read: Compliments for Employees and Teammates Written by Ketan P. Or you can use any of the other examples listed below.

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I feel much better now that you asked me. Whether you are a native English speaker or not, it can be difficult to know how to respond. You can say this to a friend who notices that you are worried and seem to be in trouble. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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How about you? You don't want to be predictable by always answering in the same exact way, so you have to switch it up. You can say these exact words, or you can start looking up until the person starts looking up too.

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However, next time you're asked the question, answer with this slightly altered reply to see what reaction you get. You can use this answer when a creepy stranger tries to talk to you, or you can use it when someone annoying is trying to get your attention.

In this context, the appropriate response is to return the greeting or to confirm that everything is okay. Photo by Alexander Mils on unsplash. This response is appropriate if you are getting old. It can also spark a discussion.

Don't be afraid to get a little silly. My blood pressure.

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You are both looking forward to the weekend when you can relax and forget all about work. Sure, it makes no sense, but hey, it rhymes! You can also use this as a joke.

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If you want to be funny, you can tell your friend that your rent has just gone up. Your friend may want to know your present situation, or what you have been up to and stuff like that. All things seem to be fine now with you around.

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