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Traditional Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings have helped millions of people over the past eight decades. With a network that spans the world, AA is almost always the first alcohol recovery program people sober chat of. And, for many, AA is a wonderful resource that offers a strong community of peer support as well as a step-by-step program that can help you get and stay sober.

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy sober chat links on thiswe may earn a small commission. But finding strength, support, and positivity in an app — which is there whenever and wherever you need it — can offer day-to-day reinforcement and ability. Healthline chose these apps for their high-quality content, reliability, and positive user reviews. We hope you find them helpful tools for finding and maintaining sobriety, or helping a loved one do so.

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Women who are recovering in all areas of their lives and who follow all pathways of recovery are warmly welcomed here on She Recovers.

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My password:. Where else have you been able to find support? LigneParents website in French only Started in by fellow The Temper contributor Tracy Murphythis community involves a secret Facebook group that serves sober chat a confidential place for queer, trans, and questioning folks who are sober, in recovery, or sober curious to share together.

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You are commenting using your Twitter. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that says participation in support programs greatly increases the chances of positive, long-term recovery.

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One of the biggest resources for women in recovery is She Recovers. Kamatsiaqtut Help Line Alcoholics Anonymous. The Daily Pledge. Family members and friends of alcoholics are prohibited from ing, unless they have a problem with alcohol and desire to stop their own drinking. If you want to take a step to change your life for good, then sober chat room can help sober chat.

Please help create a healthy environment by respecting the following standards when in the AAChats community:. Do not harass others. Do not post copyrighted content. Abraham A. Tempest is an integrated, evidence-based digital recovery program for anyone who sober chat to stop drinking and feel better.

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Here are a few of the many support sites in alphabetical order Alcoholics Sober chat. A lot sober chat singles are waiting to find the love of their life. For some, venturing into the male-dominated rooms of AA can feel sober chat as it did for me as a bisexual Latina.

For instance, the venue may have a rule that prevents smoking indoors or disallows pets from coming inside the building. She Recovers. Women For Sobriety. Instead, one of these communities in order to be part of a sobriety network to help you through this lifelong journey. Get the facts on alcohol and menopause.

I can't find what I'm looking for. Report a problem or mistake on this. With events, retreats, coaching, resources, and more, this community of like-minded individuals is for women who want to be stronger together in their recovery. Your information on the app can be as private or as public as you choose. With happenings in New York, San Francisco, and Miami, you can meet up with fellow members in person or simply enjoy the community and all of the available resources online such as blog posts on Buddhism in recovery, how to date in early recovery, and tips on sticking to a healthier lifestyle.

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Health Link My Service Canada. You might also enjoy The Gratitude List and many other forum posts and chats.

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Members must have a desire to stop drinking. Additional services and resources Gone too Soon Sober chat handbook developed to sober chat people navigate grief and loss as a result of substance use. Avoid gossip. There is a weekly support call that. Now, you can easily find people with whom you have common grounds and date them freely. Share some Sober Courage! Tel-jeunes website in French only Text messaging a.

Written by Tim Jewell — Updated on July 31, As a community member with AAChats, you are part of a large and diverse community filled with sober chat who are dealing with problems related to alcohol. The forums of Sober Recovery are a great place for people with substance use disorder to find assistance and helpful information. This subreddit is an extremely welcoming community for anyone who wants to ask for advice, share their experiences, and stories or simply ask for encouragement about trying to quit or cut back on alcohol.

First Nations communities looking for help with problematic substance use have access to two programs funded by the Government of Canada:. Sober chat Management MM. Twenty-Four Hours a Day. Traditional Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings have helped millions of people over the past eight decades.

This is a non step program, where people can get together in face-to-face meetings, online chat, and. Faye Jamali was prescribed opioids for pain. Learn about the symptoms of menopause, how drinking can affect their frequency or severity, and more.

We recover from drug addiction, alcoholism, codependency, love and sex addiction, disordered eating and eating disorders, workaholism and perfectionism. All you need to do to is to create a profile and look around through their wealth of information on ditching the drink, personal stories, and lots of advice to help each other work towards a happier, healthier you.

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The best part of the program is that they help you to empower yourself to overcome your addictions, which, for some, is a welcome change from traditional Step programs. Messaging Guidelines Remember that AAChats is an online, global forum with members from many different cultures and backgrounds who at various stages of recovery. Chat Now. LGBTteetotaler can provide that boost of extra confidence. They offer support groups both online as well as in person, and have volunteers who do one-on-one support over the phone.

The Recovery Box app helps you navigate every single one of these steps, both expected and unexpected, sober chat detailed descriptions of each sober chat the 12 steps, hundreds of s of readings from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, and the ability to instantly chat with your connections for support.

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Shake your device to summon a random message of inspiration and support. Other issue not in this list. Also known as Save Our Selves, is a non-profit network of autonomous addiction recovery groups. The traumas faced by the Black community, and women in particular, are many.

And of course, local, state, and federal laws remain in effect no matter where people congregate. Their only rule?

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Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line Thus, sober chat need to make sure that you have a mate who can help you deal with the hard stuff of life. Information is outdated or wrong. This support group hopes to provide opportunities for women who are balancing recovery and parental responsibilities to share with their peers about the ups, downs, and unique challenges of this lifestyle.

Features include daily motivational messages, a search engine to help you find relevant content, a tool to avoid relapse if you have a craving, a chat forum, and much more.

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A secular non-profit organization providing peer-run non-coercive support groups for anyone who would like to reduce their alcohol sober chat. Online open AA meetings for anyone with a desire to quit drinking, online help for AA members, links, forums, chat room including scheduled chatsand a journals of sobriety are also available.

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Forever35 is a podcast between two best friends that has sprouted many Facebook groups—but none quite as moving as the Forever35 Sober group. Their material helps you set sober chat and track your progress, too. Do not post any identifying photos, screenshots, or videos or links to them in a public channel exception: your profile pic can be a "safe-for-work" picture of you. For those who want to pair a physical style of recovery with a free sober active community will find inspiration in the sober chat than 26, people across the U.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. But do you think about drinking…. So finding help in recovery for your particular experience is really important, which is why this community exists.