Router Passwords

Routers come with default router passwords which you can use to login into the admin panel. Once you access the router login page, you can use one of the credentials provided to log into it !

You can log in to IP address for example,, & easily using the list of username & password provided. If your router’s admin panel doesn’t load or slow load make sure you are logging into the correct login IP.

Note that these logins will only work if your default credentials are default and not changed otherwise you will have to reset your router once in order to use them. Here’s a list of default usernames and passwords you can try for your router | modem to log into its admin panel :

Default Router Passwords

router passwords
Router Passwords
BrandUsernamePassword | |
Hitron cusadmin your current wifi password
TP-Link admin admin
D-Link admin admin
NetGear admin password
Asus admin admin
Cisco admin password
Huawei admin admin
Belkin admin admin
Linksys admin admin
Digicom admin michelangelo
Tenda admin admin
TrendNet admin admin
Buffalo admin password
Thomson admin user
You can also find the default username & password for your router in the box contents or manual ! If you still fail to login you can contact us & we will find a way for you free of cost ! Thanks 🙂