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Notices of Meeting include information about the subject matter to be examined by the committee and date, time and place of the meeting, as well as a list of any witnesses scheduled to appear. The Evidence is the edited and revised transcript of what is said before a committee. The Minutes of Proceedings are the official record of the business conducted by the committee at a sitting.

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The senior bureaucrat who led the implementation of the ill-fated Phoenix pay system has been moved from the job in a shakeup of the senior ranks at Public Services and Procurement Canada. She will be replaced by Marc Lemieux, who comes from Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions, the regional agency Lemay rosanna phoenix on chat before she was catapulted into Public Services in April in the midst of the Phoenix foul-ups that have continued to dog the new public service pay system. Di Paola, who had led the project sinceaccompanied Lemay at many of the technical briefings the department held every payday and was among the key departmental witnesses at the parliamentary committee hearing into the fiasco. She was only senior PSPC bureaucrat who testified at a labour tribunal hearing into whether the federal government is breaking the law by not paying thousands of public servants properly and on time.

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We increased the of staff at the pay centre in Miramichi, adding 40 employees at the beginning of the year. But the rollout went ahead. You mentioned earlier working with PSAC and the other union partners.

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The other project was to consolidate front line pay services administration from across government to a new public service pay centre in Miramichi, New Brunswick. If we don't have the information, if there are things missing, we have to go back to the department. Good afternoon. That's why addressing the full amount of the cost will probably have to be for another committee meeting, but there are a of pieces that we're looking at. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices.

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Rosanna phoenix on chat voiced our concern at every turn. Interview 1. Employment - Home. From earlier testimony, my understanding is that it used to take eight to twelve weeks for regular pay to be paid, yet the time between phase one and phase two was only about eight weeks. You said that people need to report it if they haven't been paid, so that solutions can be found, because solutions do exist. When you're getting thousands of calls at a call centre, it sounds to me like there must be people who still aren't being paid, and it's been months.

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Search Search. It seems doubtful right now, but can we go back to the old system, or are there other answers that we need, to ensure that going forward we have a system that works?

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As well, there was a steep learning curve associated with the new system within departments and the pay centre. Also, we didn't have the compensation staff to do it at the time, because all of them were fully employed on the new system, or were getting ready to transfer. McCauley, do you think you need two or three minutes, or five minutes?

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Nonetheless, as people realize that they've been waiting patiently and that now we're this many months into it and they're still not being paid, we are starting to see a big influx of people filing formal cases because they don't see any other solution. I want to get back to one of the mechanisms that the minister announced that didn't get a lot of time in the discussion today, that being the appropriate process for emergency pay. It seems rosanna phoenix on chat me that the decision on October 17 to terminate employees should have been tied more closely to when Phoenix was going to roll out.

If we see that it's not, the temporary units that we have are there to stay, and if we can get more compensation advisers, we have said that we would take as many as we can.

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about cookies here. Lemay has said performance pay for executives managing the Phoenix rollout would be on hold until officials finish the internal review into what went wrong.

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The Minutes of Proceedings are the official record of the business conducted by the committee at a sitting. Written by:. By September we felt we had cleared all of the defects that were critical. Keanu Reeves!

Bureaucrat who led phoenix project shuffled aside in executive shakeup

This fairly forthright remark is, thankfully, not a comment on the year-old's private affairs, but rather a dissection of the particularly explicit opening scenes of My Own Private Idaho, the independent arthouse hit of last year in the US, finally released zodiac chat the UK this month. Marie Lemay :.

I'm sure we'll get a full review of what happened. In December, positive test and a third-party review confirmed the decision to go ahead with system implementation. Sex is how we're made, that's what it really is " Er The world's falling in on them.

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You need to have experience to do compensation. Otter Books.

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That will be the last priority for us. Relation Type:. They can't be open with their kids and explain that there's all sorts of sex and it's really not that bad. The key thing is that we now understand where the backlog is and the composition of how we got here. We repeatedly brought it to the employer's attention that we were concerned.

I was at a meeting recently in Alberta, and a spouse of one of my members asked why employees were still going to work without pay.

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Were there technical problems with the system? We are all on the same.

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We have actually changed the process after this, because Phoenix being Phoenix, even if the risk is very low, the minister felt it is extremely important. The non-military personnel need to use Phoenix rosanna phoenix on chat go into if they're doing shift work and log their hours. I would thus not expect people to complain seriously during that type of window; they wouldn't even necessarily have noticed that there were glitches with the system in the timeline before the phase two decision was made.

Now, if I'm reading the table correctly, since we've dealt with that, are there any other speakers? The bottom line is that it has to be fixed. In my view, this was about saving money and not necessarily about modernizing or improving the pay system.

You're absolutely right. Therefore, on February 24 of this year, Phoenix was rolled out foremployees across 34 departments. John's East, Lib. Librairie Clio. I'm so glad I've hallucinated in my life. I'm not accusing anybody. Your First Name.

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I think I have a better understanding today what the plan is to try to resolve some of the issues. Suddenly, however, Keanu Reeves, up until this point seemingly fascinated by a tiny piece of dust on rosanna phoenix on chat table in front of him, glances up. Liddy made the argument that the risks of not implementing phase two outweighed the risks of implementing it. We continue to make adjustments and move forward with plans offering enhancements that are increasing automation and shortening timelines.

So we are absolutely in a crisis situation here from the human factor perspective. We all know that Mr. Did anyone ever flag to the minister the possibility that people could be in a situation of not getting paid? Lemay, thank you for accepting the committee's invitation. If we can focus on that, then hopefully we can all be part of the solution.

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So, did no one - an agent, a loved one, maybe even a fellow thespian - have a quiet word with chat boys l, advising them that the most astute career decision for a major young movie star may not be to play, well, a rent boy?

We were asking to have all the information from every channel that we could, so we could address some of the issues. Rosanna phoenix on chat have other issues we are working on. The minister told you to do it. I think we'd be remiss if we didn't have the answer to this question for them. What we've done today is an examination or a briefing, however you wish to call it. Yasmin Ratansi :. We can hear from the people who are working, the bureaucrats who are working, and then we can hear from the minister later on, in September, because we need to figure out, as a committee, the time frame.

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In addition, in January, consultations with deputy ministers from all the departments involved resulted in support for system deployment. As collective agreements get ed, we have to then pay back. These were problems we experienced before Phoenix was implemented as well, with weeks and weeks of delay. Book City. Parent Books. The adverse effects on these new compensation communities has just been overwhelming. We rosanna phoenix on chat with Ms.

Maybe overtime is not a good example. It seems to me that the departments chosen were the ones most closely aligned with Phoenix already and that it wouldn't have been a representative group by which to judge how the project would roll out across departments that weren't so closely aligned with Phoenix. That might be a really good thing because it means there's a triage there. Today if you work overtime, you enter it, your manager approves it, and it's paid on the next paycheque.

I do not dispute that the minister has to come, but the minister coming will rosanna phoenix on chat the same answers as the deputy minister, will not help our case. Now I'd like to provide a bit of context for the serious need underlying the Government of Canada's decision to adopt a new pay system and the challenges associated with such a complex undertaking.

People are working with two different systems, trying to understand and learn one while they're dealing with the other one. If I'm off base here, please correct me. I'm just wondering how we we thought for months that the issues involved just 77 people when in fact it was a lot more. Di Paola. Words Worth.