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What is it?

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Ketamine is a powerful anaesthetic. It has painkilling and psychedelic effects. It comes in tablet form, or as powder snorted up the nose.

Vets use a very similar drug when they operate on animals. Ketamine is a prescription only drug.

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That could hollywood teen chat online up to 14 years in prison for supply or trafficking. What are the effects? It can make you feel detached from yourself and others around you.

What are the risks?

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Ketamine is very dangerous when mixed with alcohol or other drugs. As Ketamine numbs the body, you risk serious injury without feeling pain. The effects can be very alarming which will free swinger chat in virginia worse if you are already feeling anxious or depressed.

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Excessive doses carry a risk of breathing problems or heart failure. The long-term effects of recreational use of Ketamine are still not really known. Can you reduce the risks? Drugs can severely damage your physical and mental health. They can get you in to trouble with the law and even kill you.

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If you do decide to use drugs keep these points in mind: Mixing drugs and alcohol can be fatal. Never drive if you have had drugs. Always carry a condom; never risk unprotected sex. Never take drugs on your own or with strangers. Make sure the people you are with know what you have taken and how much. First Aid If a person taking drugs collapses or appears to be in trouble, get help — call Get help to put them into the the bold and the beautiful chat position.

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