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Pottermore was originally created as an official promotional Harry Potter website, which developed into a thriving community for Harry Potter fans. The original site was a t project of J.

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When Pottermore was little more than a rumor on the internet in June ofno one knew what it would be. An encyclopedia? Another book?

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Pottermore: a history

Fans pottermore chat more authority to the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore than to any other that had ever been written because it had been deed by J. Gamefice covers the latest Game news. Though unrelated to Harry Potter, it was used by Hufflepuffs as reference material as they sought to define themselves.

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Or watching the Pottermore chat Potter films from an immaculate view. That place was like a little magical sanctuary of my own. May 10, Reply. Eventually, Pottermore stripped everyone of their means of communication. This was last modified on 7 Februaryat The potential revenues were simply too big. When one made an for the old child-friendly Pottermore, however, the name one entered first appeared pottermore chat a book with the names of familiar characters, all written by a magic quill, congratulating one on ing the magical world.

I ed Pottermore inand loved the atmosphere. In truth, there were spies across the board in all houses. Gryffindor Pride. The Old Pottermore provided users with the bare minimum to communicate in order to be safe for all ages. Now however, I am left out of the amazing world that I quite enjoyed.

Where did you get sorted instead of Hufflepuff? When J. We all felt like we were a part of not just a fandom, but a family. The Relationship Between Odysseus and Telemakos.

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That was quite a depressing realization. No one knew when the house cup would be awarded because no one knew when beta would end.

As part of the Potter generation I can say that while reading the books I longed for such a world that I could escape to, create spells in and run amuck. Yes…I heard about the changes on Facebook after they had already happened. I feel like Pottermore Prime became more of a burden than they were pottermore chat to manage. He lives under the lake. Pottermore chat, games, contests, messaging, help, tips and more! Still, they were often scapegoated when other houses were the targets of sabotage. Earth to JK Rowling and I say this as someone who loved reading the books with my children stop flogging this flying horse.

Galleons were important when it came to buying potion ingredients, but even more so when it came to buying new cauldrons. How are all of you enjoying your Friday?

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Add to this that it would be the official place to buy Harry Potter digital audio books and ebooks and you are beginning to understand the intended purpose of Pottermore. They are not difficult or complicated. Still, the options were limited.

And some contributions from cineconcerts, the official harry potter film concert series!

Either way, things will never go back to the way they were. You presented this amazingly!

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Now they pottermore chat the faces of the actors. The downfall was that this also allowed room for spies to emerge as a new phenomenon. Interestingly enough, the frustration Pottermore users have felt—that their opinions about the direction of Pottermore have been undervalued—have been shared by those actually working for Pottermore. In Hufflepuff, Mrs W and her extensive friends list served as an unofficial nickname registry, and during beta, Sparrow FlightSilver kept a nickname list.

First up, some new contributions from some friends.

We have to set limits to our ambition or it will get out of control. When I saw that pottermore chat site was going to be updated, I was excited; I thought they would finally add more chapters to explore, as well as the later books that were still missing. I have very clearly underlined and bolded in several places that reading the rules is required for validation. The answer to that question can be found by looking no further than this response found in an article on the New Pottermore site:. Are you a registered user of Pottermore?

Where is the magic of harry potter. The junior team is completely ignored in favor of expensive consultants and inept agencies pottermore chat regurgitate the ideas of the established team with a hefty price tag. Pottermore had its own Sorting test which was deed by J. This is just depressing. I wanted the magic of the HP world, not this dribble. Whichever film is your favourite.

Be transparent and open about the state of the company. Hogwarts portrait wall, Universal Studios Hollywood. I really pottermore chat to be excited again- to see a glimmer that maybe -just maybe- some of that same magic might be returning…but no glimmer was to be found this coming from a Hufflepuff who naturally tries to look on the bright side.

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But what about the Old Pottermore--where did it go? The whole HP universe tends to bring people together, breaking barriers that otherwise would not come down. It made it seem like harry potter and his world was real, something I could continue to dream about.

Pottermore is still evolving. My brother, who is dyslexic, adores Harry Potter. This marked the beginning of the end for the Old Pottermore and the beginning of the New Pottermore, where it has yet to be restored. May 25, Reply. You have been warned.

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It opened my eyes, so I decided that I would take the opportunity to record how the culture developed on Pottermore from the very beginning. Working from home or indeed socialising from home is pottermore chat with pros and cons. I think this whole thing came down to money. Adopting the honey badger brought them out of obscurity. Feb 24, Reply. It bears repeating: No one was expected to spend hours on this website.


But it was magical in its own way, and interesting to explore. It was in beta from July 31,and opened to the public in April It was a lot like the D. Diagon Alley, Universal Orlando Resort. We were all there on that journey together when we read her books. The reason why I and many others were so deeply in love with Pottermore, was purely for pottermore chat reason that we could feel involved and act as if we were The Hogwart crew, NOT muggles.

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Feb 19, Reply. A lot of information and lacking the rigidness of the traditional essay. Severus Snape. Perhaps the app Harry Potter: Hogwarts A Mystery is one of the best alternatives to the website now, and will expand as time goes.

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Somethings deserve to be left in the nostalgia of the past. Looking for Pottermore? Wow, that means a lot to hear! If as much work went into the rest of the site as those animations it is sure to amaze others as well.

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I was sorely disappointed by the limited moments in the longest books. I am incredibly pottermore chat. My childhood bedroom which I shared with my brother was redecorated with an HP theme my mum had an amazing interior de friend who did a slightly larger than life 3. This is not how pottermore should be. Such as this brilliant Prisoner of Azkaban moment. Mar 5, Reply.

The Lost Civilization of Pottermore When Pottermore was little more than a rumor on the internet in June ofno one knew what it would be. Ollivander's wands, Universal Studios Hollywood. You have to search keywords to find information. Reblog this post Source: 2 notes Is Umbridge preventing pottermore chat from commenting entirely acceptable comments on Pottermore? It is worth noting that the Hufflepuff pioneered the idea of creating a common room mascot.

Pro: you avoid the hustle and bustle of public transport. And then reblog before coming over and hang out with us at the Unofficial Pottermore Slytherin Common Room!

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Once I finished the first book and had to wait I forgot all about the site.