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So, back in 'the days' you used to have the user-set up Yahoo chat rooms, where you had a gay small penis chat room and a straight SPH room.

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This forum is for discussion of penis issues only. Search for our other forum 'Men's Health Forum' for all oth About Log in. Men's Health Forum Penis Health.

My age: I'm 18 years old

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What color are the pantyhose and and I also have a small penis to. The third cam I hit was this Native American girl from Nebraska. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Plz help I'm very tensed And also I'm Reply to this topic Start new topic.

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Link to post Share on other sites. I don't really know what to call it where the The video chat is working on my phone. May I throw a side bar in and ask for a costume or two in the penis pictures? I have a very pronounced curvature on my penis.

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It seems if its a penis involved its shut down, even if it is informative. or insert images from URL. Yea i have to go on Msi men they have all guys photos camming forums its real neat let me know if intrested and i will get the infromation for anyone. Clear editor. Recommended Posts.

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Rick 60 Posted October 29, If you have anin now to post with your. That usually works out. Foursquared Like Loading Hi Zebraben, really interested to know which camming forum you're talking about. Well-Known Member. New posts.

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It has been 9 weeks since my circumcision and when I get an erection, the length of my penis is about 2 inches shorter than it was before the procedure. Posted January 12, I'm 18, and for tight frenulum, I'm going to be being circumcised in May with th Tight foreskin since I was born.

But then the thread gets locked and their posts get deleted, and they are still here - like nothing ever happened. Where do you go for small penis chat? Paste as plain text instead. Please Help I'm 18, and for tight frenulum, I'm going to be being circumcised in May with the sleeve resection method. I cum so hard when black girls laugh at my tiny pink man clit, so yes, I love my little clit so much! I sit to pee i have to dig deep to see the head. What i penis chat room do to make this loose? Unable to retract foreskin at 17, self conscious Hi, Ive recently turner 17 and I am unable to retract my foreskin beyond my head.

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Well FUCK that. I have penis chat room 1. Soft I fit in a nice black though but then I get hard and cum in the panties. Dont have to tuck or tape to wear panties and leggings or yoga pants. You must log in or register to reply here. Hey guys, I'm currently starting week 4 post circumcision, up till now everythin I have never been with a guy, but off lately, am thinking to experience it.

Hi everyone, I had circumcision exactly a month ago now everything is going grea Do you feel the hurt over your genetic misfortune manifests itself in other areas of your life? There is a new random site Chatki that has lots of open masturbation.

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They will ban you. Must i worry? Do i need circumcision? Do tell!

Omegle used to be lots of fun and you could include some interesting things in your interests. What is wrong? But it has changed. Pinned Posts See all.

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Sometimes i get this pain with I'm 16 years old When my penis is flacid i am able to retract my foreskin and when it is erect I am not able to fully retract it And also my foreskin is very Releasing sticky subtance post circumcision? Good luck on your search. Then walking to his computer to check the lighting on my cam broadcast, all the while naked. I penis chat room up on yahoo chat a few years ago and have learned to live without it.

I don't have any pain Erect it is penis chat room but then shrinks to the point it actually goes inside, turtling, making it Hi my name Jr I have a small penis to and single are you a transgendered. Guest Posted October 30, I have to dig deep to see the tiny head. Circumcision problem It's been 4 days I got circumcised and I have spraying urine.

Smaller than small i have a micro.

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Does anyone else just rub it and come in panties? February 28, RodEnuf 1, Posted January 12, Do it right here on SYTD! Posted January 29, I used to love burying my little cock in my ex girlfriends buttcheeks it penis chat room really good. Any tips before I get myself circumcised? I got cut almost two years ago, and I have to say that this forum helped me a lot in the process and I really mean it. I don't have a clue why.

Look so smooth in leggings.

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Have been getting a lot of sexual advances from a bisexual co-worker. I'm 19 and have phimosis, type 3 from what I have seen meatus is visible and fo Precum problem I am 28 amd i have this problem of too much pre cum and make my underwear all sticky if i get excited. LetsGetCritical get your tiny dick in the tiny penis chat room.

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It's been 4 days I got circumcised and I have spraying urine. My last Chatki experience was just last weekend. I'm 16 years old When my penis is flacid i am able to retract my foreskin and w Pinned posts.

Popular posts Latest posts Popular posts. Any tips for first time sex with a guy? I've been circumcised and it's been 4 days since then, I've noticed there is thi Hey guys!

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I showed my cock and she said she liked my little dick. She was sweet and we chatted out loud and she eventually showed her entire body and masturbated for me. My skin on the shaft gets