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We originally published this post at the end of Februaryand it became outdated within a month. What does this tell us? That Salesforce is growing at an incredibly fast rate — recognising a gap in their native portfolio, and filling it lightning fast.

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Mars' closest approach was yesterday, October 6, and the actual opposition will be next Tuesday, October So, wait, we've already missed closest approach, and the opposition will be over before the actual talk happens?

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I couldn't see much projecting against the ground, and it was too windy to put a piece of paper or cardboard down, but an old whiteboard made a perfect solar projection screen. Traditionally, retailers were never fixated over CRM, but Salesforce spotted the future need for 1-to-1 shopping experiences. Of course, you can also drive it with a motor. If you're wondering why Venus' orbit seems to go inside Mercury's, remember: this is a geocentric model, so it's plotting distance from Earth, and Venus gets both closer to and farther from Earth than Mercury does.

Constantly adjusting a tripod to keep the sun in frame is another hassle that might keep my attention away from the eclipse. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Testing time! This was to be the theme of the afternoon.

I've read so many articles about solar eclipses as a mystical, religious experience. We originally published this post at the end of Februaryand it became outdated within a month.

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By the way, if anyone in Los Alamos re this blog, Dave and I are giving our first planetarium show at the nature center tomorrow that's Friday afternoon. It wasn't, for me. You can see the final animation here: Lunar eclipse of September 27, Animations.

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It was maybe 9 am. The crowd was friendly and everybody was sharing the latest rumors of the shuttle's location -- "It just flew over Santa Barbara! It can find alignments among all the points in the GPX file, or from a specified "observer" point to each point in the file.

For each one, we'll discuss what the feature actually is and how it was created, where to see good examples on the moon, and -- the important part -- where you can go on Earth, and specifically in the Western US, to see a similar feature up close. The most prominent 11 peaks: 5 in the Jemez, 6 in the Sangres. Come October, Salesforce swept up Krux to fill this missing space on the platform. Once that was implemented, I looked for upcoming Whac-a-Moon events.

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Standing at 21m, it has the ability to generate 45,plus kilowatt hours per Swingers party Hartman Arkansas on windy sites. Real-time operational intelligence delivers real business value. Salesforce FSL has been coming on in leaps and bounds recently a product that has been in the market since — a couple of our writers have projected a huge influx in FSL projects coming in Of course, we kept the solar filters on the other scope and binocular for visual observing. It turned out that what he was seeing was the end of an eclipse. YouTube faces complaints of lax approach on overseas election misinformation BOJ Governor Kuroda's comments at news conference Britain wants Brexit trade deal but prepared to walk away unless EU moves - minister China to levy anti-dumping duties on rubber product from U.

Were we in exactly the wrong location?

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Lunar craters are the calderas of enormous volcanoes; mountain ranges are volcanic too, built up from long cracks in the moon's crust, like the Cascades range in the Pacific Northwest. So when I found myself awake at 4 am, I grabbed some binoculars and went out on the deck to look. Pardot is growing from strength to strength every quarter.

Totality really was ending and it was time to stop looking. Decentralisation is discussed as being a 'mega-trend' and fuel cells in particular are emphasised as being a suitable means of generating heat and power locally, i. Photographers will want to wait around for sunset for a chance at some spectacular photos, like the Bill Arnett photo at the top of this article, taken from Chicago. But going to that today, I find that code is now available!

But how fast does it move?

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That's something you'll never see in a Mercury transit! Stockpiles Gold scales 1-week high on U. ESG investors target corporate s Gold set for third weekly gain as traders eye U. Ganymede's larger size may also mean the fade-out will take longer. Venus' orbit is white, Mercury is yellow, Mars is red.

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Too many people were visiting Fajada Butte Announces Renewal of Normal Course Issuer Bid Canada unveils hydrogen strategy to kick-start clean fuel industry Canada unveils hydrogen strategy to kick-start clean fuel industry U. I'm happy to say that the optics are still excellent. Also known as beta Cygni, Albireo is a double star, the head of the constellation of the swan or the foot of the Northern Cross. Other parts of the book are interesting only from a historical perspective.

It's super simple -- it just uses Linux' built-in dictionary, with no sense of which words are common, or adjectives or nouns or what.

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It's definitely something worth knowing about for anyone doing solar system simulations. As Mercury crosses the Sun's face, it blocks some of the sun's light in the same way.

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I'd heard horror stories of hotels canceling people's longstanding eclipse reservations, but fortunately our hotel honored our reservation. So why should a non-astronomer care? Sounded good! Aligning images to make an animation or an image stack For the animations I made from the lunar eclipse last weekthe hard part was aligning all the images so the moon or, in the case of the moonrise image, the hillside was in the same position in every time.

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If you have trouble finding them, wait until pm, when they'll be transiting. So simple, so rapid. Watch out for the sun! I doubt anyone can argue that processing power. I found that during early stages of the eclipse, the pinholes had to be both small under about 5 mm and fairly round to show much. When we were within a mile of the centerline, we stopped at a likely looking pullout.

The idea that craters are caused by meteorite impacts apparently hadn't even been suggested at the time. And we should probably count ourselves lucky -- I've heard from other people who took 11 hours to get to Denver via other routes. New Jersey couples Massages. This raises an interesting Sluts to fuck in monmouth il. So if you're willing to stay up or get up for early morning dark-sky observing, and you have a big telescope, this could be a nice view. Even back then, she told me later, some of her friends ribbed her -- "Oh, 'astronomy'. But it closes with Mars as the month progresses: by the end of September you can find the comet about two degrees north of Mars, and by the middle of October they'll be down to only a degree apart with ISON brightening to about ninth magnitude.

December ,

Sure enough, it gave us a great sunset view. But I couldn't talk myself into not trying any photography at all. We couldn't see the same effect on the smaller sunspot groups, or on the penumbras. What's going on? If there's a conjunction of Mars, Venus, and the moon, I don't want to print something awful like Friday: Conjunction between Mars and Venus, separation 2. A Radio Quiet Zone normally consists Chat online with girls from Jacksonville two areas: an exclusive area in which totally radio emissions are forbidden, with restrictions for residents and business developments, and a larger radius up to km above coordination area where the power of Black girl to fuck in pburgh transmission limits to threshold levels.

Meanwhile, the moon's limb gave us a nice show of mountains and crater rims silhouetted against the sun. Resources Completes Since radio sources from the universe is very weak, astronomer need to avoid radio frequency interference RFI from active spectrum users and radio noise produced by human made telecommunication, mobile phone, microwave user and many. Predicting planetary visibility with PyEphem Part 1: Basic Planetary Visibility All through the years I was writing the planet observing column for the San Jose Astronomical Association, I was annoyed at the mwm in corona first time needs chatter of places to go to find out about upcoming events like conjunctions, when two or more planets are close together in the sky.

We all shifted around so we'd see it when it cleared the trees. But how do we set the date to midnight on that same night? Marketers can coverSMS, social, digital advertising and more with the product suite. A cool wind was blowing -- very pleasant since we were expecting a hot day -- and we got acquainted with our fellow eclipse watchers as we waited for first contact.

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But I never got an answer. For experienced observers, it might give you a new appreciation of some lunar regions you thought you already knew well. About that Beehive cluster: right now September 7 through 9Mars is passing right through the Beehive, like an mwm in corona first time needs chatter red wasp among the smaller bees.

I synchronized my watch and had the telescope set up by Congress agrees to expand payroll assistance to local news outlets Stocks give guarded welcome to U. Korea approves second tentative labor deal -union official UK retail sales fell in November as lockdown hit stores UK retail sales fell in November as lockdown hit stores BOJ to look at more effective ways of hitting price goal, extends fund scheme Philips to become a global leader in patient care management solutions for the hospital and the home through the acquisition of BioTelemetry, Inc.

Attach the curved rod to the top wood piece with a couple of nuts and some washers, and then you can fine-tune the rod's curvature, opening and closing the hinge and re-bending the rod a little in any place it rubs.

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I don't know if binocular projection will give a big enough image to show Mercury, so a very smooth and white background, tilted so it's perpendicular to the sun, will help. Except for January and February, when I didn't have the next year's handbook yet by the time my column went to press and I was on my own. The tricky part of programming with SPICE is that most of the code is hidden away in "kernels" that are specific to the objects and quantities you're calculating. Venus transits happen in pairs with more than a century between successive pairs: the last transit before was inand the next one after this week's won't happen until The working script is on github at conjunctions.

In addition, a compensation algorithm is suggested to eliminate the current measurement offset in the AFE Chubby Anderson Alaska seeking top. Perhaps more useful, it would mean that my sun photos would all be rotated approximately the right amount, in case I wanted to make an animation.