The most noteworthy benefit of HTTPS protocol is that it adds security and trust to the websites. Moreover, it protects against many attacks initiated by hackers to steal user’s sensitive information. Being into internet marketing and search engine optimization from 3 years, I can say that HTTPS adds more value to a website and is tend to rank higher in Google than websites using the HTTP protocol.

In addition, Users are more likely to trust and purchase a product from a company with HTTPS protocol which further leads to a conversion and loyalty. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks as well which is normal for something providing benefits. Here are some of the cons HTTPS protocol carries :

  • You need to buy an SSL certificate to implement it on your website which comes with yearly costs whereas HTTP is free to use.
  • HTTPS protocol is slower than HTTP as it involves data encryption which affects the response time of websites.
  • Using HTTPS protocol is quite complicated as it includes proper implementation, caching and server authentication.

The server must be set up with a dedicated IP address which is not shared with any other user on the host. Buy and install an SSL certificate on the website and update it to the HTTPS. Redirect all the pages to HTTPS to ensure all the visitors are served with a secured version of the website. Once the procedure is completed, the website is ready for safe & secured transactions. HTTPS protocol is safe to use even on public wifi as it protects from a dozen os attacks including MITM (Man In-The Middle Attack) and much more. But there are always some exceptions, therefore, using a VPN is preferred while using public wifi or a hotspot.

In my personal opinion which may not be accurate, All the web traffic should be using HTTPS protocol but there are only half of the live websites using that according to welivesecurity.com ! It is also preferred by google taking care of user security and in terms of SEO. Another most important reason for implement HTTPS is to prevent leakage of sensitive information like credit cards, emails, phone numbers etc which are mostly stolen from websites using the HTTP protocol. I used to know a website who used to sell stolen credits cards for Netflix subscriptions and amazon carding which they stole while users made transactions on websites which were not secured and encrypted by HTTPS.