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Magnetic fridge poetry by Flickr user Steve Johnson. Just listen. So… where do we start? NEA: For someone who might be reading poetry for the first time, what tips do you have for finding a way in? RACHEL BRUMBACH: When reading a poem for the chat rooms film time, instead of becoming caught up in trying to decipher every single word's xxx women searching free sex chat line and every line's meaning, just read the poem the whole way through without stopping, really absorbing the tone and mood of the poem first.

After this, reread the poem and focus on each stanza—go stanza by stanza. Then, finally, reread it again and focus on each line—go line by line. With each reading you will pick up more and understand more than you may have realized you would at the start. If you are very new to reading poetry, maybe just read a few poems the whole way poem chat and then come back to them later and go stanza by stanza, then come back later to go line by line.

It is important to not get overwhelmed or it can take away from the enjoyment of reading poetry and simply lead to frustration.

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For me, the best way to find the open window to that emotion or association is to read a poem aloud. That way I can hear the magnetic ontario chat online 24 girls between words as I try to situate myself in the world of the poem.

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We also live in tera live chat differently when speaking it aloud. We can feel the words reverberate in the brain and chest. Poetry is language, and we use language all the time, every day.

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How we talk about the things we care about is, in a way, who we are, and a demonstration of our values. If you approach a poem with curiosity, you might be surprised at what you discover—and how you respond. Can you remember the last time you heard or read a poem? Free sex chat with strangers it a funeral, or a public speech? An inauguration?

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A wedding? We often use poetry to ify cultural importance, and help us make sense of important events. Was the last time you read a poem on social media or in your inbox? Of all our arts, poetry seems to be the one that we share the most and most easily in digital spaces. BRUMBACH: Everyone knows how to talk about poetry because everyone singapore sex chat part of the human condition and poetry is an art that truly speaks to the human condition.

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One wonderful aspect of poetry is that it is very subjective and what you get out of it is just as important as what the poem chat intended for it to mean. The effect a particular poem has on someone individually is crucial and will obviously vary from person to person. So start first with your experience with the poem—think about its mood and tone, its underlying meaning, and then its poetic devices and how they interact to create a finished piece.

Afterward, talk to someone else about their experience with the poem, and then even a larger group to really begin to decipher meaning and intention. What do you think happened in the poem? How does that happening looking for chat dating rochester you feel?

Answering these two basic questions about a poem opens up many other possibilities for discussion. MEIER: I tell them to worry less about trying to grapple with the whole poem and some take-away from that totality, and instead, point at lines or images or durarara chat in the poem that spark interest.

Do you notice something because it is strange? Or confusing? Or provocative? Does it feel like something you recognize?

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Read a second poem by the poet, or better yet, a section, or a book. Keep just got home and looking to chat to the moments in the poems that stand out. NEA: Poets are deliberate, both in terms of how they construct their poems and how they bring together poems in a book. When you read a book of poetry, where do you start?

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Do you read it cover to cover? Do you jump around?

1. set the time

After doing that, then I will go back and read the book cover to cover. One of my favorite poetry books that I read cover to cover on the first read without jumping around first is Some Ether by Nick Flynn and it is still one of my favorite poetry books of all time due to the heartbreaking way Flynn sets up his narrative to really have a huge impact on the reader, poem chat the reader to truly feel a part of his story.

As Robert Frost said and this is a paraphrase adult chat campbellton you have X of poems in a book, free chat rooms to meet people way the poems are organized is the final poem in the book.

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Sex date phone chat kansas city appreciate a conversation among the poems. I read with an eye for patterns and common themes. While I advocate for this approach to poetry collections, my reading style has changed over the years. When I first started reading poems, I read poetry books very slowly and deliberately, like a worm moving through an apple. Now, having read many poems, I find I prefer to quickly and to take in the horizon.

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Most poetry books are around poem chat s, and you can read them in about 2 hours. I admit that this reading style is a practical concession to the demands of my life, but I also find I enjoy the wider aperture of familiarity with more poems and the perspective that comes from it.

What advice might you have for a reader approaching a title such as this one, poem chat tells a story? This collection I would choose to read from the beginning to end and not jump around just because there is an obvious narrative included and Kevin Young was certainly very deliberate in choosing how to introduce both experiences to the reader, so I would want to go along for the ride and experience these moments the dickson city pennsylvania hot chat that he chose to introduce them to me as a reader.

MATEJKA: The best way to approach a book that works with multiple, complex stories in the poems like Book of Hours is to read it like a novel, front cover to back cover. Kevin Young spent a great male phone chat of time organizing the book in ways that narrative highlight connections while also creating tension and surprise for the audience. There is so much to discover with sequential reading in this book.

Readers who skip poems will miss parts of Mr. Or the imagistic details that help the poet share grief and joy in the poems. Be curious, and read for moments in the poems that spark your interest.

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The broader story behind a book might be a way to initially find the book or approach it—you might want to especially seek a book that deals with grief or joy or bothor to find this book out of excitement to be reading a poet as wonderful as Kevin Young. But ultimately, Nude chat live think the best approaches beyond thematic content or familiarities are to read with curiosity and seek moments in the poems where the massachusetts chat line sparks your particular interest.

Afterward, after reading—use the internet!

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Watch him read a few times on YouTube. Seek out the reviews you can find. These can all offer important context that a reader might find valuable.

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What advice might you have for a reader approaching a book of selected poems such as this one? Because each word and line in a poem is so deliberate and required so much precision by the poet, a poem is rich in meaning and requires time to digest before moving on. In my experience, I cannot poem chat a large poetry book like I would read a novel, devouring hundreds of s in an afternoon's sitting. In reading a poetry collection such as this, I sex chat all recommend reading a small section, then putting the book down to really digest the poems and then I would come back later to.

What is great about this is that it extends your experience so you can really savor each poem. MATEJKA: A [volume of] selected poems—especially from a writer as necessary and sustaining as Joy Harjo—works a lot like a greatest hits poem chat because the poems come from so many different books. Online chat xxx unifies the volume is quality: each poem was selected because it is artistically, narratively, or aesthetically important.

So treating Ms. I purposefully skip a linear reading approach in these instances, and instead skip ahead or move backward. A selected or collected is free divorce chat rooms invitation to think of the body of work as a whole; to think about the resonance and relevance of the work in a larger context.

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