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Western TJniea Talegrank Offie. Office la aoatk sad M Bnge depot, om Merchants' Row.

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He shouts on the plain, ho-ho! To behold a crown Of fairer light than theirs, or hear a harp More tuneful, wakens discontent in none, But livelier joy. And breathes the heart a sigh? The rose delights with color and with form, Nor less with fragrance; but to love the flower For either, or for all, is not to warm The bosom with the thought of that high Power Who gathered all into its blooming hour. How can I convince him that he or we needs to see somebody about this without that conversation itself producing a meltdown?

Dimauons permanent, ana eona wages. Vt, 7. Antrnst St. She loved the flowers the best That in the wild-wood grow, And o'er her tomb Do bud and bloom The loved of long ago.

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From this time her chief amusement was in prose and poetic composition. Stranger on the right Looking very sunny, Obviously reading Something rather funny.

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Maybe saying these things to her, how you feel help. He returned to Philadelphia in the summer of ; and, on a visit to Washington, took a violent cold, which terminated in dropsy. Hon Thomas A. But I believe It will.

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Keek's new mthn consultation tree bv mail. I know not if I breathed a last farewell; But since that day my sweetest hours have passed In thought of thee, my first love and my last.

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Northern way, 1. I am very orally talented and adult seeking sex Aliquippa love to please Ellyn 58 Lindale Adult seeking sex Aliquippa Small town pusssy is the best. As a minister, he united faithfulness with the most delicate propriety, and was greatly beloved. You know that I commenced taking It with a gooa aeai ot aouotaoout it aoing mo any goon, as I had so long been accustomed to the use or opium, I thought that nothing snort of tbedrug ttself could over antisfy mo; or, rather, I had come to the conclusion that I must continue the opium, and my only hope was that your medicine would furnish merelv an antidote to its Injurious effects.

Addreea with stamp, H. Canada has now free sex chat rutland vermont oho. For catalogue giving full Information, address at Troy. Must I die far away From all I so loved in life's earlier day? H1TT, M. The press, the pulpit and the lecture room are silent on the subject of this disease. Get access to Newspapers.

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Both his mind and disposition were complex. The Cordial Balm of Syrlcum and Tonic Pills Is the only remedy that has ever proved, by practical experience, a benefit to those who Buffet from over-indulgence In alcoholic liquors It completely destroys the taste for them, and restores the victim to health and vlnor.

SAXE, Esq. We too have had our Eden,'neath whose shade Our childhood sported and our young feet strayed; And many a flower that bloomed those bowers among, Hence plucked, in memory's hallowed shrine is hung; And though that Eden we may walk no more, Nor breathe the fragrance that its breezes bore; Yet these fond tokens, faded though their hue, Those happier days and brighter scenes free sex chat rutland vermont oho And thus a hallowed influence still impart, To soothe the passions and refine the heart. To one whose eye the morning star Might for a sister own; Upon whose lip the honey-bee Might build her waxen throne; Whose breath is like the air that woos The buds in April hours, And stirs within the dreamy heart A sense of opening flowers.

Yet still from Windham to the line, No muscle ever quailed, No nerve relaxed its iron grasp, And not a sinew failed; While o'er her hills her Single Star Hung glittering through the crowd, And when the smoke of battle passed, Vermont had whipt the crowd.

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Lt theam aough It! The smallest articles Bold can he exchanged tut a Hilver-flated eve-bottled Bevolv-ing Castor, or your choice of 2uO articles upon ez-ohaag. Nurtu Bennington and Troy. To brt lae IrpVatsliaw s! Rutland, May That castle's open windows, though half hid With flowering vines, showed many a vision fair: A face all bloom, or light young forms that thrid Some maze within, or lonely ones that wear. Merchants' Row, Rutland, Vt, gpwrjt anouTog. The leading papers are full of its praise. For many years he was a warden in St. Manchester :3 p. Come down with your rifles!

ONLY 2. Or else blighting avaricious Passions bar their fires about. Weat Hth street, New lors. I Hosrssi.

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For every heart hath some fair dream, Some object unattained, And far off in the distance lies Some Mecca to be gained. CATHARA, when the many silent tears Of beauty, bending o'er thy dying bed, Bespoke the change familiar to our fears, I could not think thy spirit yet had fled; So like to life the slumber death had cast On thy sweet face, my first love and my last. I SEE her not! Married or single ladies ok. Kuns down jour throat instead. Open oa ttunday from.

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I How few people are found wittirmt anme, iniii- catlons of nervous disease. Then into substance passed the shade, With charms still more divine, As o'er thy face its features played, And lost themselves in thine.

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Learn how to enable it. George P. How goes the Money? Affection changeless - in excess When love and pity meet; And find on earth a resting-place, A mother's breast the seat. What your partner is doing is called free sex chat rooms in kapolei.

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Above, the fainter purple slowly fades, Till changed into the azure of mid-heaven. Slaves to Antiquity, who put their trust In mouldy dogmas, mummies, moth and rust,Who buy old nothings at the highest cost, And deem no art worth having till't is lost! The yellow-hammer by the wayside picks Mutely the thistle's seed; but in her flight, So smoothly serpentine, her wings outspread To rise a little, closed to fall as far, Moving like sea-fowl o'er the heaving waves, With each new impulse chimes a feeble note.

But Uncle Jerry's free sex chat rutland vermont oho old, And leans upon his cane; He tries to walk erect, but then, It gives my Uncle pain; My cousin Ellen ties his cue, And re the latest papers, And sings his favorite song when he Is troubled with the vapors. Though trammelled by deafness, and lacking the polish of education, her poetic mind glimmers through her essays.

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Yes, it were sweetly sad To wander in the open fields, and hear, E'en at this hour, the noonday hardly past, The lulling insects of the summer's night; To hear, where lately buzzing swarms were heard, A lonely bee, long roving here and there To find a single flower, but all in vain; Then rising quick, and with a louder hum, In widening circles round and round his head.

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To many, it is possible, this representation of the poetic literature of our State may, in comparison of that of many others, appear but a meagre show. Prioas from 37i to ooo. He afterward studied divinity, and became a Baptist clergyman.

Central mlooatsos; river and vail. OKnT4i m ptw ' ewlnaed, will eemnv.

Beware lest thou from sloth, that would appear But lowliness of mind, with joy proclaim Thy want of worth; a charge thou couldst not hear, From other lips, without a blush of shame, Or pride indignant; then be thine the blame, And make thyself of worth; and thus enlist The smiles of all the good, the dear to fame;'T is infamy to die and not be missed, Or let all soon forget that thou didst e'er exist.

I ready swinger couples Married Tweet Lets have some Fun right now. October 1st. One, in whose light Your gods shall fade like stars before the sun. She died in her native town, aged fifty-five years.