Find Router IP Address

Majority of routers use & as their default IP addresses which are also the most popular and used IP addresses by routers | modems. But there are some exceptions always and if & are not working for your router, and you want to find your router IP address, you are on the right page. In this tutorial, you will be able to find your router’s IP address and login into it ! Here’s an example screenshot of my router IP :

Find Router IP Address !

find router ip address
Find Router IP Address

We are going to share the tutorial for finding router IP address for all platforms which as follow :

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

You can follow tutorial for your platform find your router login IP address easily !

Windows | LINUX

The process for Windows & LINUX users is the easiest, therefore, you will able able to find your router IP using just one command that you need to type in command prompt | terminal !

  • Open command prompt for Windows and terminal if you are on LINUX !
  • Type the command ipconfig¬†and press enter !
  • The IP address next to the default gateway is you router ip !


There are two ways to find default router IP on macOS and its kinda easy. You can follow the way you feel is easy for you: Find default gateway on macOS :

  • Go to the network tab in system preferences option !
  • Select the wireless network you are connected to !
  • Open the advanced tab !
  • You will find an IP address next to Router which will be your login ip !

You can also use netstat -nr & grep default command in macOS terminal to find your router address !

Android | IOS

There are several options for mobile devices like using some kind of router applications which are easily available on app store and play store ! You can also follow the steps given below to find router IP using android or ios device :

  • Navigate to settings > wireless | wifi !
  • Tap configure button if you are on android !
  • Static > advanced on ios !
  • You can find your IP address there !

Now you can easily get access to your router’s login IP, you can visit the IP address page and login into admin panel using default router passwords ! If you are still having any issues you can contact us !