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Dont chat with strangers

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In the old days of computer adventure gaming, before games had their own message boards, they had automated hint lines. For 50 cents a minute or so, when you got stuck in a game, you could dial up a hint by using your phone.

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Clicking Buttons as a choice, Image Gallery. Click back at the computer or any other object to re-enter the room to interact again. No end cutscene or next level or whatever. Sadly, these aren't enough to make the title shine: Don't Dont chat with strangers With Strangers is another retro, point-and-click adventure with much novelty and a great premise to begin with, yet it ultimately fails as a puzzle horror game.

In the old days of computer adventure gaming, before games had their own message boards, they had automated hint lines. For anyone else, such lack of explanation and rewards will surely leave them frustrated and unimpressed rather than pleased and excited, and Don't Chat with Stranger's minimalistic plot itself doesn't help players care what happens in the narrative.


Every playthrough will give you an entirely different. Also the atmosphere is very well developed with the creepy, 8-bit visuals are a nice addition. Once you reach level 6. The storyline is cryptic and interesting. Really, into why? You don't want to tell her that you have finished the game, considering the game has 10 levels and they are very hard and often unfair at times and would most likely get a game over trying to reach the level.

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If you walk outside to get in your car before the right time, then you fail. Walkthrough You begin the game with the unnamed male character, who will immediately wake up and head towards the chair as the computer received a message. As someone who loves retro-inspired, pixel-heavy titles, I was excited to give Don't Chat With Strangers a try, especially after reading there's a mystery to solve.

Or he could have killed himself, who knows.

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It's her, Lucy, just "a girl" online who wants to chat and possibly watch him play a couple of video games. What is the logical connection between a ghost appearing and gas leaking?

Ghost girls and video games

A good hint maybe how it is used during the game in order to complete it, so the game forces you to turn the radio on before the lamp. All Current Games ». Click to go to where you think you'll find what you'll find, Select the place you heard the noise where you think it came from to phoned her. The robot becomes a alive dont chat with strangers will zap the player. Lori is an avid video game enthusiast who enjoys blending her love of gaming with her work as a writer. Summary: Don't chat with strangers is an interesting idea, done horribly wrong.

If she asks what your favourite color is, never choose Black, she isn't a fan of the dark. This is best avoided by killing on the door on the left, having the character to exit.

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Now you're taken to a map screen. The first time that this happens, it is a funny joke. The chat messager would receive a message with the exclamation mark with the noise to let you know. If you turn on your lamp and dont chat with strangers try to turn the radio, the radio would explode killing the character.

Her interlocutor is the game's main character, and he appears to be just another average Joe who gets home to curl up in bed, only to wake up to the sounds of an "IM" on his computer. If you ignore her for long enough, you will fail.

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This document is copyright Theuser and hosted by Neoseeker with permission. It is supposed to be a puzzle-based adventure game, but its challenges lack any logic and, at best, are a series of punishing trial-and-error events. Head to the Error Log and find her phone she left.

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For 50 cents a minute or so, when you got stuck in a game, you could dial up a hint by using your phone. She's also a Survival Horror and Psychological Horror game collector, when she isn't coercing friends into any of Co-Op multiplayer titles. Can be played online. The cryptic atmosphere intefiers with the gameplay, in a way you don't know why you died and you have to go with a trial and error style of play.

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Also has an error log during the game. Positive: 0 out of 2. When you talk with her, she will ask you how you are. Not sure how that happens. This, later, will lead you to reveal the location of what you are looking for when have a chance to go outside when the game allows you too. I'll let you have fun seeing the outcome of that.

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Select "No". Unto The End. Rotating this upside down will summon a giant Latin Cross where the screen flashes and the character gets crufified.

The danger of repetition

It is a unique approach to this genre of fiction that I have never experienced in video games. Other Notes Nothing much for now, thanks!

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However the gameplay is where the game starts to fall apart. There's nothing else more to do in your bedroom.

Don't chat with strangers faq/walkthrough

It didn't end well for me. Don't Chat With Strangers is a game, that tries to be cryptic and mysterious, yet it fails to deliver a fun experience. Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Click on your car. Before engaging into anything on the computer screen like the conversation. This very unnoticale.

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It may take you twenty or thirty throat slash deaths to figure this out. It is for this reason that this game can still be considered an overall success, despite its overly simplistic and deeply flawed gameplay.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon. So you'll left with Mech vs. That, and dont chat with strangers her thirst for vengeance in a whole host of vicious, murderous ways. Negative: 1 out of 2. Clicking River Raid will result in an instant suicide for the character thus ending the game.

Helps the character focus a bit and not think they're getting killed by a ghost. Cyberpunk Now the computer has restarted. It felt abrupt and seemed to confirm that Don't Chat with Strangers relies on a needlessly complicated series of steps to arrive at its resolution. There's also a lack of clues for how to survive and appease Lucy -- I simply had to die, over and over again, while trying to remember the exact order in which to say or do things.

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It fails at just about everything besides delivering punishment through trial-and-error. Again the shape hints what it could look like.

Don't chat with strangers review

You can interact with several items in the bedroom, from its door and window to the lamp and the bed, and these objects all carry some ificance; you'll need to use the radio at one point, and the phone at another, to survive these encounters. For the lasagna question, to if the character wants to try it look up Urban dictionary and see what she really means by lasagnaalways better to answer "One day, I will" if she asks you if you want to try lasagna. Each scare or surprise is effective once or twice, but dont chat with strangers all wear out their welcomes before the end.

It can also can trip a death scene for the character to grab pills and overdose thus ending the game. Each scare or surprise is effective once or twice, but they all wear out their welcomes before the end. Not a game over screen thankfully! The Overpowered Noobs. Now chat with her. Your Score.