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Why Study Business at Leeds?

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Remember your defining moments at Leeds? Important Bridges 73071 adult chat rooms our Business Community. Transforming the future of global business. And we're back. Welcome to season two of creative distillation, where we distill entrepreneurship research into actionable insights.

I am here as always with my co host. I'm Brad Warner. And Jeff, it's daddy sex chat to see you again. I also work at the Deming Center. But today I'd like to have the the role of full entrepreneur.

And thank you. I really like the intro, Jeff about season two. I think that that's really exciting. We need to give a shout out to our producer Joel Davis. Joel has china chat us here. And both of us I know, I just speak for Jeff as well, Joel, thank you.

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This has random clean chat really just a blast looking forward to season two through who knows where this goes. So thanks a lot. Thank you. It's awesome to be back.

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And then we just kind of went away for this summer. So Brad, what the heck Have you been up to?

I’ll try a model call

What were you doing all summer. Yeah, I'm gonna send you a mass colorado freakin talk to me being in lockdown in Boulder is actually a gift. And so I've been able to hike every day and do all those things. And otherwise just kind of hanging out with my family, which has been, we've had a blast. Talk to strngers know, I have a lot of family in Chicago that which I have not been able to see.

And that's really been tough for for our family, but otherwise personally, doing great. Happy to have the ault chat rolling again. And certainly happy to have this podcast back on the air. Yeah, I mean, it's it's no small test. Brad is our teaching director for entrepreneurship.

And, you know, I think I middleton chat adult this season could act as a bit of a chronicle of our experiences, we go through, you sex chat elizabeth city, the the fits and starts of trying to run classes at a major research university. It's been an interesting scene here in Boulder. And for me, the way to get through it is our local liquor store, Hazel's delivered.

So that's been a really nice feature for me. I've been buying direct from breweries, including our guests will have the day, just a few minutes I. So my store has been eaten up by by mostly mountain biking with my son, which has been awesome, have learned how to go over my handlebars and land in a tree. I'm really proud of that you don't get hurt nearly as bad if you land a tree I figured out and of course, supporting our local breweries and doing research.

So I got like, three research projects going on simultaneously right now. So I'm not teaching right now.

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Which I'm you know, Sex anonymous chat. I'm hoping whatever lessons we learn over the semester, I'm the benefit of in spring semester, I know we just went to a temporary remote teaching at CU. As we had a little bit of a cu kold chat now a little bit outbreak on campuses, I think everyone expected, I will say I think so you've done everything they can to manage it.

But man, it's a, this is chat shqiperia easy thing to try to find the right path during these times. Bottom line COVID sucks, okay, that's changed all of our all of our lives, and it's just a pain in the ass. So I am teaching a full load this semester. And I was one of the few to actually go in person. I've taken over a big field and my students have met me out there. And it's really been a blast until this lockdown. And frankly, it's interesting, though, that I was the only class that they had in person, really, students, students are dying for some sort of socialization, some sort of personal touch.

I was happy that at least we had four weeks of that other week, there was a snowstorm in September talk to live girls those of you that don't live in Boulder, which was pretty awesome. It actually happened during bike class days.

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So that was offline. But anyway, there will never be another snow day again. Well there. I mean, it's going right to zoom.

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I told. It's like, you know, kids, there's never going to be snow days again. Well, it's just hubzu.

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Yeah, like the Grinch. Yeah, I'm just doing a wonderful job of fathering through this pandemic. We have multiple guests with us today is really exciting. So one brainstorm we had as we transition to the season two of crave distillation is like, we want to go hang out breweries. Maybe not. I don't know. I mean, it's just been hard to figure out where we could go and in fact, I really, I was on the cusp of going to our guest today and our feature a local craft beverage producer upslope Brewing Company, which is here in wonderful Boulder, Colorado and we have their founder and president Matt cutter with us today.

We had this brainstorm like, Hey, you know what we chat with bi girls actually have to go, we could just get people best free chat online the podcast, and we could go get large amounts of their beverages and consumed Oh, so, you know, that's something I've been doing with upslope ever since the band began. But, uh, but we're gonna be tasting some beers today. And we're also gonna be talking about a research paper. It's a working paper by one of our newest professors here at CU, Sina Khoshsokhan.

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I knew I was gonna mess it up. I actually got on the air, told me not to worry about it. See, now how should I properly pronounce your last name?

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Tell me please. Oh, I did I did a horrible job. You're so nice. That's why we were so excited to get you to come work with he's the nicest guy. And one of the smartest researchers I've seen in quite some time, he's gonna chat line new johnsonville tn talking about paper about innovation.

So I thought when going to purchase some upslope beverages, I would buy some of their more innovative ones.

New baby? we need to talk.

And we'll get right into that. So let's, uh, let's walk. And that is a working paper versus a published paper. Can you tell me free sex chat towcester Sina?

Sure, sure. So a working paper.

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So the way research often works this along pipeline, as we've talked about, you know, we were talking yesterday. Now, how long does it take someone to get a PhD and I was like, on our field, at least four years. But more likely more like six years these days and what you found kind of amazing, I think. But it's saskatoon free phone chat you know, these papers take a really long time to produce before you want to go out and put your name on something and publish it.

You chat adults chat want to make sure you're as accurate as you possibly can be, of course, you know, all sciences is somewhat fallible. I know people will be shocked to find that out. But social science maybe, arguably more so.

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