Change WiFi Password

Are you having the default password for your wireless network and wondering how to change it ? If you want to change your default wifi password for your router, you need to know your default IP address and default router password !

You can also try logging into one of the following IP address it works for you :

How To Change Wifi Password ?

On visiting your routers admin panel, it will ask for login credentials like in the screenshot given below :

change wifi password
Change Wifi Password

Login with the default username and password of your router which will take you to the router’s admin panel using which you can manage a lot of settings like SSID settings, wireless and security !

Once you are on your router’s admin page you need to navigate to the wireless settings page from the top menu ! The location of the wireless tab may vary from router to router based on UI !

On the wireless security page, you will find SSID settings field like the screenshot given below ! You can change your wireless network settings like network name, security mode, password and more :

You can update your password from the network SSID password field and your password will be changed ! You can also change your wifi security mode and name ! If you are still having any type of issues regarding changing your wifi password, you can contact us and we get back to you shortly !