How To Block A WiFi User ?

Do you think there’s someone secretly using your wireless network and eating your data ? If you think your wifi is hacked you can change your wifi password easily. You can use this tutorial to block a wifi user from your wireless network and stop them from using your internet. This tutorial can also help parents from restricting their kids to use the internet if they want to ! But it’s not fair kids are cute ! 🥺

Block A WiFi User !

You can follow the instructions given below to blacklist a wifi user from your wireless network ! You will need to login to your router’s admin panel to do it, therefore, you need to the login IP address and login credentials of your router !

block a wifi user
Block A Wifi User
  • Show all connected devcies !
  • Tap manage button to add them to block listed !

Now you add the users to the blacklist you don’t want to use your wireless network. You can also remove them from blocklist by removing them from the managed device in block listed section. This tutorial may vary with router brands, therefore you need to find something like access control. If you still face any kind of issues you can contact us and we will solve it for you !