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Ballbusting chatroom

Ball busting is the art of inflicting pain via any ballbusting chatroom, often including kicking, kneeing, punching, or more imaginative methods, such as suspension and dropping of weighted objects, the pain caused during a ballbusting session causes pleasure for the dominatrix involved, and in doing so, causes pleasure for the submissive undergoing the pain. for live webcam chats. You can watch mistresses having hours of fun taking out their frustrations on their bound and broken slaves while revelling in the power they gain from their pain infliction.

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My cock ached but without pausing to draw breath, she told me to get a wooden spoon. Most females are simply not horny in "that way. I danced from one foot ballbusting chatroom the other, I groaned, I doubled over, I did everything I could but it just kept burning.

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Your Postal Code:. On our last session, she made me tie shoelaces around my shaft and do it tightly. Step 5: Pick Your Username and Password. Her wicked mocking laugh rang in my ears. I'd accept as much as I could! I obliged but my heart was pounding as I knew what was coming next. They need busting properly and some of the new and ballbusting chatroom ways these mean bitches online can and will come up with in order to make you yell, scream, groan and beg for mercy as you crumple to the floor will make your blood run cold. I havent found a good size chat room yet though.

If you have a fetish — Ballbusting fetish — Then check out the fetish cam chats section. for live webcam chats Are you curious about ballbusting? I think that would be cool! The pain in my balls and cock was intense and I had that sicky feeling in my ballbusting chatroom. Originally Posted by Rebecca.

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ballbusting chatroom Check out our diaper bondage chat section for ballbusting when in your diaper. She will laugh at your anguished yelps as she holds your twisted nuts in her hand while you are desperately on your tiptoes trying in vain ballbusting chatroom lessen the pain. Reply With Quote. Birthday: day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 month January February March April May June July August September October November December year I covered my junk in deep heat.

That's pretty cool. Use the free femdom cam chats option to discuss with her where your level is. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Are you ready to test out the ballbusting fetish, we have some really mean mistresses waiting to Check out skype Mistress where our Uk Mistress sis waiting. I'd a BB chatroom. You can also read — Ways to have financial domination Online. Forum Ballbusting World chat rooms If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

Interesting idea. Rebecca I would set one up to meet those specifications, but sadly I don't have the resources. No limit, no edge and no restraint. There are hundreds of live Dominas awaiting a guy like you right now. Because we like BB, ballbusting chatroom suddenly man-haters who circumcise boys because of our contempt for all males. Watch any guy for longer than two minutes and he will be fidgeting and checking them and playing with them.

A never-ending selection of Ladies are ballbusting chatroom and they are itching to get their hands on your plums and make you scream in pain and beg for mercy as they laugh at you with glee and continue to torture you more.

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I did so but it was not hard enough for her. remains confidential. Don't see the text in the image?

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Not for the faint-hearted! Sissy wearing a very heavyweight round the balls. Putting them between two pieces of wood then pressing down on them, clamping them in a pair of vice grips while you are helplessly bound in bondage, putting them in a vice and turning the handle or ballbusting chatroom a specialised ball crushing BDSM device that has four threaded screws, two plexiglass plates and is tightened down to squash that useless raisins almost flat.

Thread: chat rooms.

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Originally Posted by foryourpleasure are there any ballbusting chatrooms out there? remains confidential : We'll send you Potential Matches here. This site uses cookies. But when it comes to Ballbusting, male-male isn't my thing.

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for live webcam chats. I am under strict orders to visit her live femdom webcam room at least once a week and she always likes to abuse my cock and balls, she loves ballbusting and kicking my nuts hard or twisting her heels in.

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You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Originally Posted by foryourpleasure.

I'll accept a little bit of that, but I'm there for me, not to provide stroke material for some guy I don't know. She owns them and can do as she pleases with them.

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Rebecca Well, if there's gonna be no abusin' goin' on, I'm takin' my masochistic self elsewhere! Ball busting is the art of inflicting pain via any means, often including ballbusting chatroom, kneeing, punching, or more imaginative methods, such as suspension and dropping of weighted objects, the pain caused during a ballbusting session causes pleasure for the dominatrix ballbusting chatroom, and in doing so, causes pleasure for the submissive undergoing the pain. My dick was burning. I've not tried it.

A sub male who is in need of having her useless cock and balls tormented, abused, tortured and battered at the hands of a gorgeous and sadistic Mistress. And if both their faces turned red because the reality is they were caught by you engaging in fantasy play that they both find exciting, wouldn't that put it all in a different perspective?

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In my experience ladies and girls get ballbusting chatroom though They have been made to slam them in between doors or in drawers, hit them with hard objects, some slaves have been ordered to put staples in their nuts. I think the BB community would grow a lot faster that way, with easier access to things you want to communicate across the web.

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She can also slap you or use implements such as a hairbrush, wooden spoon, spatula, cane, crop or belt. Any time there is even the slightest chance that there could be any kind of harm coming his way, any males first instinct is to put his hands over his crotch to ballbusting chatroom his junk.

Find out about What Mistress will make you do in a cam show right here select a live cam.

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I have been meaning to set up some sort of chat room when I get some free time and have to do one for a project anyway so may get round to doing this at some point. Do you think you have what it takes to suffer the wrath and relentless abuse from one of these cruel, heartless bitches? I would like to get special offers by to improve my chances to find best matches. Personally, if I was in that kind of situation only reversed, i. You need to know what you are doing and how to facilitate the requests of submissive men who wish to serve. Indeed, Kramtoad is a good site.

Then the pain started. Holding both your shoulders to get the maximum thrust she will bring her knee up to meet your nuts with full force. I'm bi, so I don't think gay matters too much. Ballbusting chatroom you are looking for ballbusting then you are obviously at the extreme end of the scale anyway but ballbusting chatroom can tell her where your limits are or what particular areas ballbusting chatroom busting it is that interests you.

Prove you're human. The time now is AM. This is how far things can go to get true ball busting. Eventually, I groaned and dropped to the floor. Call Uk Mistress for Ballbusting cam chats. In the past slaves on webcam have been forced to do things such as tying 2 4 litre bottles to their balls, hold them up them drop so the full weight yanks their balls. I think the kind of guy who gets offended, is often just uninitiated into what is really going on.

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If she wants to either teach her slave a lesson for insubordination, to make him understand his place or even just for the hell of it because she feels like it and wants to make him suffer then that is her prerogative.

The slave must suffer if his Mistress wants to abuse her cock. I arrived back and she gave the order. The most precious thing to any man is his cock and balls. Some of the cruellest and most sadistic Mistresses are found on this live femdom cams site. There would be two ballbusting chatroom though, and too much of either would make me stop using it. I agree to the processing of my information as stated in Privacy Policy. Some of the useful features there: - registration of a unique username is required; - usernames have to be requested motivated, by mail from the moderator; - there is a shared chatroom, but most users go one-on-one for chats; - anyone once registered can invite you to chat, but it is really easy to ignore or ban a user for a particular session; - no logging or persistence of what is being said during a chat, which makes it a lot more 'private' and spontaneous than any forum or board All well and good but for submissive males and slaves, the big problem for them is that their Mistress knows this.

She can do this in a of ways. Step 1: What are You Looking for. If so, the site now and you can be in a private 1 to 1 ballbusting chatroom being dominated in less than two minutes. I also ballbusting chatroom to receive flirts, messages, updates and special offers via. I guess it is because it never happens. Come into our live chat rooms and learn about our ideas, and how we enjoy abusing balls, ballbusting chatroom kicking, punching, squeezing and so much more we are always looking for slaves to use in our chatroom, where we give you tasks to complete for us in a self ballbusting scenario under our direction.

When it comes to cock and ball torture and ballbusting they are in a league of their own. And it was intense. All of the Dommes online at this site have the required levels of experience and expertise needed in order to give you exactly what you are looking for.

And that is the predicament I ballbusting chatroom myself in with mistress.