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Autistic chat rooms

Please be patient and stay ed in if the chat room is quiet. Nightly meetings are scheduled for 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

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Great suggestion. I'm sure there would be a lot of demand for a chat service, here or elsewhere.

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Nightly meetings are scheduled for 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Pregnancy Chat Room. Hi, im 14 turning 15 on May 2nd. Name of Host:. Additional Items Why Donate? We encourage you to enter and begin to meet, greet, share and support with others. Yeah, perfectly understand. I'm sure there would be autistic chat rooms lot of demand for a chat service, here or elsewhere. The services provided by HealthfulChat are deed to support, not replace any professional medical help you may currently be receiving. In extreme cases use the Report Content button to autistic chat rooms a network chat room moderator.

For us, launching the Community with this forum has been a big step and it's something we'll need to focus on in the short term just the problems with updates shows how many issues we'll need to fix and improve! Welcome to the Autism Chat Room. Replies 38 replies Subscribers 50 subscribers Views views Users 0 members are here. Get Our Newsletter GO. DanJohn over 2 years ago in reply to clinquantcosmos.

Autism Self Help Aid. Now. I really like the forum WrongPlanet, there are a lot of really lovely people there. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. NAS 16 days ago in reply to clinquantcosmos. The services provided by HealthfulChat are deed to support, not replace any professional medical help you may currently be receiving.

Pregnancy Chat Room. Autism Self Help Aid. We recommend that you share your secrets regarding the s of autism, the therapy that worked for you, to laugh and even cry with others who can understand your own personal struggle each day. Replies 9 replies Subscribers 38 subscribers Views views Users 0 members are here. Fitness and Wellness Chat Room. Up 0 Down Reply Cancel. The ASO includes persons with autism, families, and professionals working together to improve services and support at the state level. Include your nickname, room name and a brief description of the issue.

Please ensure you have asked the person in public prior to sending a Private Message PM. Hello, I would really like to speak to people in a group chat. Im 16 and struggling. Hello, autistic chat rooms Reply Cancel Cancel.

Group chats for teenagers with aspergers

No comment of yours will ever be ignored, because everyone gets acknowledged. Autism Chat Room Help and Information. I absolutely understand where you're coming from but it's not something that we can promote at this stage.

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Hints and tips. Autism Chat Room Home. So, although it might seem a bit irritating on our part I'm afraid we can't allow people to share information to meet in a seperate chat service. It would undermine our policy on people sharing personal information.

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Professional Help. Go to Event site view all events Post an Event.

It would be nice to find new people, i know your all out theyre but its just finding them thats hard. Terms of Service Here. NAS 16 days ago in reply to LightningLouise HealthfulChat wishes to help all of these phenomenal parents out there by offering you this autism spectrum peer support network. I'm a 17 year old autistic. Share More Cancel.

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Go to Event site. I'm really sorry, I hope you can understand our perspective even if you might not necessarily agree with it. Share More Cancel. HealthfulChat does also understand, however, that it is not easy living with any type of disorder in the autism spectrum, and is pleased to offer this web for support and friendship autistic chat rooms those either living with a disorder in the autism spectrum, or those who love someone who is.

But definately a great idea and should anything be set up independantly do let us know about it so we can explore linking to the service. Fitness and Wellness Chat Room. In. We hope you enjoy your experience with HealthfulChatand recommend that you being using our Autism Spectrum Disorder Chat Roomautism spectrum disorder forums, and the autism spectrum disorder social network today.

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The Autism Society Of Ohio. I'm rather older than you, but I have seen that it does have an active forum especially for teenagers and adolescents. Autistic chat rooms to, eMedTValthough there is not a specific of diagnosed people in the United States with an autism spectrum disorder, " s us for the Autism Parenting Summit From the comfort of your home, navigate the challenges of the autism spectrum and learn. Once you have double clicked on the recipient's nickname a new tab will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Additional Items Why Donate? Help me Out? Bereavement and Grief Chat Room.

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Just set your local time towards the right part of the so that all the chat times appear in your local time zone. If you'd like to look at something more formal then it's certainly something we could offer a link to through the 'other communities' area. Hints and tips.

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I highly recommend AspiesCentral as it is a safe and welcoming community for people of all ages, and you wouldn't believe how easy it is to make friends on there. A autistic chat rooms has been sent to you to verify your chat. Hiya AmethhystGlow I'm afraid one of the limitations of what we're able to offer through this Community, right now, is that we can't allow people to share personal information to get in touch with each other outside of this service.

This parent must be strong enough to fight with and for their.

Autism spectrum disorder chat room

Want to chat in real time about autism? Chat now Schedule a chat. Hi there, Jim V - mod over 10 years ago. Even if it's not to your taste, I'm sure you'll find other folks there that can advise you about any other forums suitable for people your age. Autism Spectrum Disorder Chat Room.

It may be worth looking at some of the other communities we link to, to see if they offer anything similar. You just might make some lifelong friends here at HealthfulChat. If you find someone behaving discourteously, please self-moderate by right clicking on the person's name and selecting Ignore. Chantelle Ross 9 months ago.