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Dice Roller integrated into chat software. Thread starter walkerp Start date Mar 30, I hope this isn't an easy question that comes up all the time. Do these even exist? If so, are they a function of the network, the chat software you chat roller using or something else? What I want is a way for a roll to be generated that is honest sex chat rooms in mobile athens open for all the players and the GM to see.

If this can't be done through a chat app, then what is the best website. I'm trying to avoid too much delay and confusion over multiple dice rolls. Note that I definitely want my players to be able to roll and Sexy chat for lonely guys know that two of them will fudge their roles, one egregiously.

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Emryys Ethernet Roleplayer Validated User. There local bi chat Irony Games' Dice Server that will e-mail dice rolls to each party. It's meant for PBEM, but would work Gametable is a free application that has both chat, dice-rolling and a sort of virtual battlemat.

I haven't had any opportunities to test it so I can't say how well it actuall works but the interface looks okay. It doesn't use some IM-protocol but instead the GM hosts the game acting as a sort of "server" to chich the players then connect if I've understood it correctly.

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It's a java app and cross-platform so it should even work if some of sex chat albany group uses PCs and others use Macs. RPGnet Member.

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Magicstar server on IRC has a dice roller built it. You can do various setups of dice rollings.

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TheMouse garmonbozia Validated User. Marius B said:. TheMouse said:. I just downloaded that and was playing around.

Dice roller integrated into chat software

I like it. The map part is very intuitive for professional chats who's used any sort of drawing program ever.

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The dice program bit isn't ideal for doing something like Exalted, but at least at low s you phone exchange swindon quickly sort through the s and pick successes. And the map function is very neat. But as I said, I've yet to actually have cause to field-test it. Alik not a thief RPGnet Member.

AIM has a built in dice roller. Pro: Easy. Lots of people have tamil chat friends Con: Everyone sees what everyone in the room rolls. Doesn't automaticaly reroll 10s or add or do anything but roll the dice. BillionSix Dangeresque!!!

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I have been playing on OpenRPG for a long time now. Thanks everyone. I use iChat to access my AIM and it doesn't seem to hear that dice rolling code. What client are you using? Gametable is great! This is funny because I have been watching closely all the online game managers like OpenRPG and just wasn't happy with naked teen chat with girls in bulgaria of them. But Gametable is almost exactly what I've been looking for. Nice and simple, dice roller, shared maps and chat. Cross-platform and easy to set up and run.


Thanks for the rec. You must log in or register to reply here. Morgan Ellis, a contributor to the Fate family of games, an excellent GM, and a beloved friend, has passed away. He will be missed. Top Bottom.

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