– Login is another most used IP address | default gateway used by routers after used to access router’s admin page ! If your router’s IP address is 192.168.l.l you can easily access the admin panel of your router to configure it and modify its settings by clicking the link given below : Login - Login – Login

How To Login ?

You will only be able to login using this page if your router’s IP address is 192.168.l.l otherwise, you will need to find your router IP address and login using that ! Just follow the steps given below to login :

  • Also, make sure you are connected to the wireless network whose router admin panel you are trying to access, some people try login while connected to a mobile network which causes error !
  • Open your web browser and enter this URL : !
  • You can also visit it by clicking the direct link given at the top !
  • Once the login page appears, enter your router’s default credentials and tap the login button !
  • You are now successfully logged in and you will be navigated to your router’s admin page !

Now you can manage a lot of settings for your modem and wireless network such as SSID settings, security settings, router configurations and much more ! You can use it to change your default login password as well as the wireless network ! Moreover, if you are having any issues related to your router, you can contact us !