is an IP used by most of the routers and modems as default gateway & IP address which can be used to login to access router’s admin panel for configuring settings such as security, password etc. Moreover, wireless & system details like data usage, serial number, software version & more can also be accessed using the router’s admin page. If your router’s default IP address is 192.168.o.1 you can easily login into its admin panel by visiting the IP itself or using the login button at the top ! 😍

Default LoginsRating
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: admin
Password: password
Username: *empty*
Password: admin – Login – Login

Note: If your default IP address is not 192.168.0.l then you will not be able to access your router or modem’s admin page using this page. Therefore, make sure you are logging in using the correct IP address otherwise take your time to find router’s login IP address right now. But, If you see the login page asking for credentials like in the screenshot above, Hurrah ! You have successfully logged in !

How To Login ?

  1. Also, make sure you are connected to the wireless network that you are trying to log in.
  2. Open any of the web browsers you have and type in the URL in the address or search bar and press go.
  3. Moreover, you can use the login button given at the top of this page in order to directly login without any hassles.
  4. A router login page will display asking for username and password. Enter one of the credentials provided in the top context which is also the default router login details.
  5. You will be successfully logged into the admin panel and a page just like given below will be displayed. You are now ready for making changes to your wireless network. It can be changing your default password, changing your IP address, security, DHCP settings, parental controls, guest networks and more.

IP’s Username & Password

Once you successfully access the router’s admin page you will need a username and password to log which varies by routers brands. You can check your router’s manual for the default password or our list of default passwords for your router. There might be a case you forgot the logins and you will need to reset it. You can now simply regain access to your network’s admin panel and revert all changes that had been made using this process: 

  • There will be need of a pointy object like a needle or a sim ejector tool for resetting the router. Just check the backside of your router & you will find a reset button.
  • Press & hold the button for about 15 seconds & the router will be reverted.

Now all logins & passwords have been changed to default & you can easily log in. You can see that the reset button is shown in the image given below  :
Reset The Router

192.168.o.1 & 192.168.0.l !

There are many misspelt version of this IP address like 192.168.o.1 & 192.168.0.l which users usually try & fail to login. Therefore some users might get confused with their correct login IP address. Here are the correct IP address formats:


Moreover, we got an easy fix for you if you are messing around with the correct format of the login IP. You can find your router’s IP address and access a lot more router services using a mobile application called router admin setup which is available on Android as well as IOS. Please note that it’s not any promotional content, I personally researched and found the best working application for this purpose. You can download it from the app store or play store using the links provided below :
Router Admin Setup Login Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

You might not be able to access the admin page of your router due to wrong IP address or you are not connected to the network. So make sure you are connected to the router | modem and logging into correct IP i.e. ! If your router has different IP address you will not be able to login using this page
Just log in to the router admin page and navigate to the wireless settings page. You will your SSID settings there like SSID name, password, security type, etc.
If you have never changed the default password then you can use the default passwords list shared at the top of the page. You can also look into manual and search for the credentials.
Changing router IP address varies from brand to brand but it can be done from wireless settings. You need to look up into the LAN tab and modify it from the IP address field.
Majority of the routers use or IP address but if you fail to log in using these ones or just want to check yours just run ipconfig command in command prompt and the address displayed next to default gateway will be your IP and login IP address for your router.
There might be chances you are not familiar with your login details or you just forgot. In such case you can try resetting the router. You can use a sim ejector tool, a needle or a paper clip for it. Hold the router reset button found at the back of it for 15 seconds. It will reset every chance including the credentials for admin page as well as the wireless network.

19216801 – Conclusion

To sum up, this article was all about logging into IP address ! As a result, now you will be easily able to log in to your router’s admin panel and manage its settings. In addition, if you are not able to login using this IP address we got some other IPs for example, & 192.168.254 which works similarly like 192.168.o.1 ! The login IP can vary from brand to brand which is not an issue. You can bookmark your default login page so that you can access it with one click afterwards. Thanks, Share this article if you like ! 😊

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